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Legislative Decree 81/08 obliges companies to protect the health of workers by maintaining adequate safety standards.
The law identifies the employer as the only person responsible and imposes a series of measures to be implemented in order to ensure the safety of the company itself, such as:

  • to comply with all the obligations provided for by law (such as, for example, the drafting of specific documents);

  • to inform and train its workers to have, from the point of view of safety, a correct behavior during the performance of operational activities;

  • periodically check the state of health of its workers to verify their suitability for the tasks assigned;

  • to ensure that all safety regulations are observed.

    AP Engineering supports companies in their legal obligations in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08 on the protection of the health and safety of workers in the workplace through a consolidated and effective working scheme.


AP Engineering’s training offer also includes Legislative Decree 81/08 and the state-region agreement.
Through interactive methods based on dialogue and debate in the classroom  is guaranteed a complete and dynamic training of the staff of the companies.

The courses are carried out according to the highest quality standards and are issued with the approval of nationally Recognized Bodies.

The service includes specific courses which range from satisfying the requirements of the Consolidated Law D.Lgs 81/08 in the field of management to courses on request for the qualification to use particular equipment according to art. 73 paragraph 5 of D.Lgs. 81/08.