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Amusement park manufacturers must pay particular attention to the specific industry requirements in order to ensure the safety of the attractions and protect themselves from accidents related to improper use or maintenance.
AP Engineering supports manufacturers in all the aspects of amusement rides, from the design to the drafting of documentation, to ensure a complete and effective service.

Integrated design

Through the partnership with Extra Analysis Engineering, a company specializing in structural calculations with innovative techniques, AP Engineering represents a unique interface capable of covering manufacturers’ needs at 360 degrees.
From mechanical and structural design to electrical design, the customer is followed and supported at every stage and for every attraction, from the simplest of carousel to the most complex roller coaster.

The services offered are:

  • Preliminary analysis of the attraction;

  • Reverse Engineering or complete and integrated mechanical-structural and electrical Design of the attraction with the realization of analysis and drafting of tables according to regulations;

  • Drafting of the documentation according to the standard (risk analysis, log book, manuals, technical drawings and electrical diagrams, performance level analysis) during the period of design, with significant shortening of waiting times;

  • NDT Controls on welds;

  • Qualification of suppliers;

  • Optimization of technical solutions;

  • PLC programming;

  • Software Validation;

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